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test equipment
the detection methods are perfect. the existing advanced testing centers have many kinds of testing instruments, such as universal tensile testing machine, closed hole rate tester, x ray nondestructive flaw detector, pinhole detector, oxygen index tester and melt flow rate meter.
tension testing
tensile test
data analysis
obturator rate tester
electronic balance
determination of thermal conductivity
thermal conductivity tester
cryogenic test chamber
electronic universal testing machine
high temperature water absorption tester
drop hammer impact testing machine
melt index apparatus
melt indexer
sand box testing machine
digital electronic balance
digital viscometer
horizontal combustion tester
horizontal combustion tester
long term mechanical testing machine
automatic interface tension tester
survey & dynamic
company profile
corporate culture
honor certificate
company news
industry dynamics
product display
polyurethane thermal insulation pipe
steel casing steel steam pipe
pe outer sheath
thermal insulation pipe fittings
engineering & technology
case show
project performance
production equipment
test equipment
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