The story you know, the story you don't know...!

 The story you know, the story you don't know...!

The story of the rabbit and the tortoise is a story we know from long ago.

Although we have heard the first chapter of this series, there are three more stories in this series. Now I am trying to tell all the four chapters of the story of the rabbit and the tortoise that I have heard since childhood.

First chapter. 

This is the story we all know, the tortoise won while the rabbit slept.

Here the rabbit does a self-analysis, and you find yourself losing.

"Overestimation of oneself" is how the rabbit decides this defeat. It is very harmful.

Also, tortoise concludes that his "irrepressible effort and heroism for the cause" led to his victory.

Chapter Two. 

The rabbit, who lost in the first one, realizes his mistakes and challenges for one more request. Turtles are like that.

The rabbit sleeps in the middle of the cage, otherwise it runs as fast as it can without any game.

Now the rabbit thinks..,

"If you work to the best of your ability for the purpose, you can win the race"



"Slowly work towards the relevant objective, achieve victory in an environment without proper speed..!"

I think that.

 The third chapter. 

The tortoise talks to the rabbit once again. Rabbits like you too.

This time the tortoise makes a proposal to the hare.

"We are now running two times on the same road. Let's run on a different road this moment..!"

Rabbits liked it too.

Now, this time, it started a new way. The rabbit does not run to the village, it pierces. As usual, the tortoise began to run without stopping.

When the tortoise goes, the hare, unable to go to the end like this, is seen holding his hands on his waist by the sea and looking at the last place on the other side.

The tortoise looked at the rabbit like a cat and said, "Sutus..!" Finish swimming through the gala and win.

The test rabbit..,

"In order to win, no matter how much you work with your strength and ability, you face the current situation and reality well."

I think that

"First study the weak of the indicator and plan accordingly."

Tortoise thinks.

The story ends here..! The best comes later...!!

The fourth chapter. 

The hare and the tortoise are inviting you again by the same way they fell across the river.

But, the two have decided to participate in the presentation as assistants, as presented.

It starts again as discussed.

The best thing is, this time, Halme is running with a rabbit and a tortoise on his back. The rabbit, which ran so fast, stopped in the city, and the tortoise is on the ground.

The tortoise took the rabbit on its back and immediately swam to the other side with the rabbit.

Again the hare, with the tortoise on his back, sprinted to the finish line, and both finished together, both adding to the victory.

After that, both the tortoise and the hare came to this conclusion.

"Skills and strengths were able to achieve. In an attainment, a satisfactory possibility of achieved success. But, for the general purpose of production and skill, success can be achieved by the most appropriate combination."

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