Some people still believe that the world is flat because of these reasons...!

 Some people still believe that the world is flat because of these reasons...!

       What is our world like now? Is it spherical? Well, not exactly like a sphere. But almost spherical. It is something that has been proven by science and many other factors. But even so, there are many people in this world who still say that there is no dome in the world. According to them, it is an international conspiracy to say that the world is spherical. According to them, the world is really flat like a loaf of bread. Actually, those who believe in this flat world theory have to show evidence to say that the world is flat like a loaf of bread. That's why we thought that the *flat earth set, which is said to be flat in the world, would present some facts to prove the flat world. After examining those facts, you too can say whether the world is really flat or spherical....🌎*

01. Past beliefs

🧐 One thing that people who say the world is flat point out is that some ancient civilizations said that the world is flat. For example, the Egyptians and Mesopotamians thought the world was like a flat disk, floating in an ocean. They thought so and evidence is found in the drawings on the pyramids and coffins. Then, Greek poets like Homer and Hesiod thought that the world was a disk floating in the ocean. Then, after Socrates, philosophers like Thales and Democritus also thought that the earth is a flat plane. Then the Nordics and Germanic people of the past also accepted the story that the world is like a disc. And China...? Ancient Chinese people thought the world was flat and square. So people like you in the past have declared that the world is flat, and today's flat earth people say that the model they thought is correct..!

02. Cartesian Skepticism

😮 Cartesian doubt is really a philosophical story. In other words, to systematically raise doubts about something in the world as perceived by the senses, about a certain belief or about some knowledge. For example, people used to see the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Then people thought that the sun moves around this world. But we can have doubts about this matter according to some methods and find out whether what we see with our eyes is really true. Now those who believe in flat world theories bring this up as an issue, to say that the earth is not a sphere. They say that the common belief that the world is actually spherical is based on sense sensations or knowledge from someone else. So they raise doubts about it. They ask why the earth can't be a flat disk.

03. When a plane goes

✈️ Now those who believe in that flat earth, have an opinion to prove it. Now let's say we are going to another country in a plane. Then, even though the plane is going in the sky, the earth is spherical as you say, so the plane also has to engage in a projectile motion. That means, the plane should also travel in a curved line in a certain way. In that case, when a plane goes, those guys ask whether the face of the plane should always be tilted forward. But if we actually look at a plane, even after the plane takes off, it will not tilt forward even a little. It means that the earth is not a sphere, but a plane...

04. If the earth is curved…

🌄 Now, if the earth is a sphere, when we take a sufficient distance, the ground should show some curvature within that distance. Some have conducted tests to find out practically. For example, you can talk about an experiment done by someone to accept the flat earth theory. He tried to do the test by using a canal that stretches for several miles in a continuous, curved way. He thought that the sails of a ship sailing in that canal should gradually disappear, if the earth were really curved. But even after going six miles, the ship's sails were not visible. Did you see, that means the earth is not spherical, he said that the earth is flat..! Apart from that, if the earth is a sphere, these people ask whether the water in the seas should also be curved.

05. Why don't those on the other side of the ball fall..?

 A story told by those who talk about the flat earth theory in a somewhat elementary level is that if the world is a ball, shouldn't the people at the bottom fall to the bottom of the world? Then they ask if even the water in the rivers and seas located at the bottom of the world should not fall from there. Then gravity..? When talking about gravity, those who accept the disk world theory say that there is no such thing as gravity.

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