Quantum computer that surpasses supercomputers

  Quantum computer that surpasses supercomputers

 It is reported that Google has succeeded in taking another step in the technology by bringing the Quantum computing technology to the practical level. For a long time, experiments on quantum computers were carried out by big companies like Google, Intel and IBM. . Google announced on September 27 that it won the market before all of them. It is also special that this announcement is made for the first time on the company's 21st anniversary.

 Even a top-of-the-line supercomputer or the most powerful mainframe computer in use today takes about 10,000 years to run it, and it is reported that the processor solved this game in three minutes and seconds. The processor used for this is the "Sikamo" processor. Another feature of this processor is 54 qubits, the most unique feature of the quantum information system. Only 53 of the 54 qubits of this processor have been activated during the 200-second process mentioned above.

Normal computers store and process data as "1" and "0". We call it the "binary" method. But in quantum physics the behavior of electrons, and the "superposition or superposition (superposition) state" that exists in the middle of situations where a proton is polarized, is now used for computing.

Quantum superposition is a principle of mechanics. A list of two (or more) units added to a quantum level (location) in quantum science, just as two waves can be added in medicine. Then it is considered another level. Mathematically, it is similar to Schrodinger's Cat test.

Accordingly, in addition to "0" and "1", quantum computers use quantum superposition in both cases. And so, after these quantum computers receive the information they need to process (process), its data layouts and the power that comes from that processing are the fastest. Even a complex data can be organized in a short time. Put more simply, a quantum computer can perform a parallel process, or a large number of calculations at the same time. Processing is done one after the other, or sequentially, until now on a normal computer.

  But other companies are publishing many controversial opinions about Google's quantum computer becoming "quantum supremacy". For example, IBM has issued an announcement about this official announcement by Google, that Google has not indicated that it will not take 10,000 years to perform the relevant accounting through a normal supercomputer, and that announcement will be made in about 2.5 days. that was

   However, according to other companies and competitors such as IBM, the only acceptable information has been received that Google has achieved this victory. But shortly after this paper was published, it has been removed from the website of that institution, and it is likely to be known that NASA has not followed the rules that should be followed in providing such a research paper.

   However, people who downloaded this research paper before it was removed are now certifying it all over the world. Moderate comments on this point say that Google's artificial intelligence research subsidiary "Goo.AI" has made great strides, but it will take some time for its real use to reach the common human race.

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