Hatshepsut can be known as the sixth pharaoh of Egypt and as a woman who created the bright era of Egypt

 Hatshepsut can be known as the sixth pharaoh of Egypt and as a woman who created the bright era of Egypt. She ruled for 22 years. Her reign is considered the golden age of Egypt. We are preparing to talk about her who reigned for such a long time as a woman.

01. Her birth

Queen Hatshepsut, who used the name Hatshepsut, which means the highest woman among women, was born in Egypt around 1507 BC. Her parents were Thutmose I and Ahmose. Her childhood was spent amid her father's massive military operations. She has been well educated and studied martial arts since childhood.

02. Her marriage

Hatshepsut was the most beautiful queen of Egypt, and a woman with very beautiful sharp eyes, who could charm anyone with one look. They get married at a young age. Her lover was Tunmos II, the son of another queen of her father. There are different stories about him. That is, this Tunmose II was not a royal prince but was the son of Thutmose I's mistress. But another place says that he was the son of another queen of the king. However, in the end they say that Thutmose II married her because he wanted to be king. Others say that she was forced into marriage.

However, she lived well with him. She was always concerned about her clothes and image. Because of this, it is mentioned in the ancient stories of Egypt that whenever she went out of the palace with the king, the common people looked at her instead of the king.

03. Her rise to power

Thutmose II did not live long after becoming king. After his death, Thutmose III, a son of Thutmose II by another wife, would have succeeded as king. But he was only 2 years old. Because of this, Hatshepsut becomes the king. And she also promises to raise Thutmose III well. She treats him as her own child. In this way, the kingship is handed over to her until the time is right for the prince to lead the kingdom. However, it is also reported that she completely took control of the state. She is also the second pharaoh queen found in the Egyptian civilization. In that way, she is introduced as the ruler of the 6th Pharaoh in the sixteenth year of Egypt's reign. Since there are many inconsistencies in the records about the period of her reign, approximately B.C. It is believed to have gained control of the state around the year 1478 or 1479. After many years, the control of Egypt in the hands of a queen became a big problem for the male commanders and ministers of that time. Because of this, they tried to give the prince the control of the state and appoint a cabinet of ministers instead, and the queen mother of the prince was involved in it. But Queen Hatshepsut stopped all this and she started ruling the kingdom with a long vision. There are several other special events in which her heroism as a leader of the state stood out. She stood up against the invaders on many occasions. In between, she provided leadership to prevent many severe attacks. Her foreign policy was also mostly peaceful

04. Her rule

Her reign is considered the golden age of Egypt. And her rule became powerful enough to challenge patriarchy. She is a woman who has given proper values ​​to her kingship.

She had assumed a strong role as queen for her husband and was well-versed in the administration of her kingdom by the time she became pharaoh. There was no indication of a challenge to her leadership, and she amicably led her mighty army until her death.

Queen Hatshepsut ruled Egypt for 22 years. She is a queen who cares more about her country and people than other kings who ruled Egypt so far. It is said that she traveled all over the country to see the life of the people of her country with her own eyes. Contemporary accounts of her reign are documented in various ancient sources. Egyptologists today generally agree that Hatshepsut held the position of pharaoh. Indeed, historian "Kara Cooney" describes Hatshepsut as "the only woman to rule as king in ancient Egypt during a time of prosperity and expansion."

05. Her important services

Hatshepsut re-established trade networks disrupted during the Hyksos invasion of Egypt. It is said that because of this, the wealth of Egypt was improved. It is mentioned that she had close relations with contemporary countries at that time. She had trade deals with the land of Punt. And friendships were maintained. The trading expedition to Punt took place in the ninth year of Hatshepsut's reign. It is mentioned that five ships were sent in her name. With this, she managed to bring especially frankincense and myrrh to Egypt. It is mentioned that perfumes were produced from these. It is also mentioned that traders distributed them to other countries of the world. It is said that they brought gold, ivory and other things from there. At the same time, she started reproducing the beauty products that existed in ancient Egypt. At the same time, she arranged for traders to distribute them to many countries around the world. It is mentioned in some foreign website reports that the oldest report found in the history of the world about the production of such cosmetics is the description of her.

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