A love that has been waiting for 63 years

 A love that has been waiting for 63 years 

A young couple meets on a train from Texas to Los Angeles.

She is Clara. He is Joseph.

The two fall in love, fall in love and get married.

But it was not a prosperous time for love to grow. It was a time when the sun rays of love were drowning in the sea from the fire of the world, the smoke of a war covered the sky like dark clouds. It was a time when we were looking for a way to get rid of the painful memories of the Second World War. It was June 1948. It was the month that Joseph and Clara got married.

Before the heat of the marriage leaves his heart, Joseph Gant, an army soldier, receives an order to immediately report to the service, to the Korean battlefield.

Before leaving, he makes one last request to his wife;

"If I don't come back you forget me and get married again"

"No! I'm waiting for you." That was her response.

Time is passing. It has been a long time since she last received a letter from him. Is his fate dark? She must have thought so. After finding out what was the sudden silence of her lover, she received news that Sergeant Joseph Gant had gone missing while on active duty on November 30, 1950. There was only one thing that was possible, and that was to send God.

After another three years passed, several soldiers who returned to America from an American-Chinese prisoner exchange in 1953 reminisced about Sergeant Gant. They said that he was with them in Chinese custody and that he died of starvation in 1951.

But Clara believed that one day her lover would find her, so she kept praying to God. She prayed for his safe arrival. She prayed for the romantic evenings they would spend together after he arrived.

Finally, after 63 years, God may have heard her prayers, but God had sent for her a sealed coffin covered with the national flag. In it, several decomposed bones found in Korea after 63 years were buried. According to tests, they were the bones of Sergeant Joseph Gant. Parts.

94-year-old Clara Gant was alone with the memories of her lover, who was hiding the tears that she had hidden until then, in front of her lover, who she found after 63 years. This soulful moment was captured on camera.

The day after the remains were received, Sergeant Joseph Gant was laid to rest in his native soil with full military honors.

I don't know if love is eternal, but I know that there are eternal loves.

I don't know if love is immortal but I know that there are immortal loves.

"Love that waited for 63 years" taught that lesson.

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