Seven amazing animals with transparent bodies...

 Seven amazing animals with transparent bodies...

 Nature is a place full of wonderful secrets. Today we are going to talk about amazing transparent animals in nature...

01. Translucent juvenile surgeon fish

1️⃣If you have watched the cartoon called Finding Nemo, one of the main characters, Dori, is a close relative of the Surgeon fish. If you hold him in your hand, he looks like glass. There is a wonderful beauty. His head appears to be in a glass case. The name of this transparent fish is Surgeonfish. This species of fish lives in the seas around New Zealand.

02. Glasswing butterfly

2️⃣Greta Oto or the glass-winged butterfly is a four-legged butterfly. If you look at his wings, you will see what is on the other side. We can only tell he is a butterfly by the edges around his body. The transparent appearance of his wings is due to the reduced absorption of visible light by the wings and reduced reflective properties. The Glasswing butterfly is found mostly in Central and South America. But because they migrate long distances, they have also been found as far north as Mexico and Texas.

03. Juvenile Sharpear Enope squid

3️⃣Juvenile Sharpier Enop is a species of squid. If you see him in a dark place, he looks like an alien. Amazingly beautiful. Like a glass case filled with colorful bulbs, their transparent bodies have pigment-filled cells that create dotted patterns. This species of squid lives throughout tropical and subtropical oceans, often at depths between 200-1000 meters.

04. Tortoiseshell beetle

4️⃣ The tortoise shell beetle is not completely transparent but has a transparent outer circle. In this appearance, he is given the ability to trick prey animals into preying on him. There are many glassy round tortoiseshell beetles of various shapes.

05. Costa Rican baby frog

5️⃣This is also a small transparent filter. When we look at him, we think that a coil is wrapped in a beautiful pattern inside his stomach. He is light yellow green in color. The elegantly wrapped pattern inside the stomach of this translucent shrimp, native to Costa Rica, Brazil, is its intestines neatly wrapped inside its stomach.

06. Transparent Frog (Hyperolius Leucotaenius)

6️⃣Hyperolius leucotaenius is a species of frog native to the Congo. They are very beautiful. The look is amazingly beautiful. When we hold him, our hands are transparent. Although thought to be extinct for some time, in 2011 a group of explorers saw this frog again on a riverbank.

07. Macropinna Microstoma

7️⃣Macropinna microstoma is another transparent fish. The top of his head is like a transparent spherical surface. His eyes and brain are transparent. The entire brain is visible from the inner shells of his eyes. There are no other types of fish in his family. He is the only one. And a very rare fish. Although fishermen have seen him at sea, he has been painted and known since 1939, but he has been very difficult to find. He was discovered and photographed as recently as 2004...

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