99% of your body is empty space.

 99% of your body is empty space.

When you see this, you may think that it can't happen.

body is made up of many cells. These cells are made up of very small atoms. These atoms cannot be observed with normal eyes or even with a normal microscope. Improved electron microscopes are available to observe these.

There is a large empty space between these two atoms. But we cannot see those spaces with our eyes. But this space is very large when compared to the size of atoms. That means there are holes everywhere in our body that are invisible to the eye.

Studies have found that if the empty spaces in the atoms of all the people in the world's bodies were removed and added up, they would all weigh the same as a teaspoon of sugar. That way you can get a rough idea of ​​this empty space.

While watching, we just like balloons.

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