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Taiwanese tourist who fell from a small bridge and died while looking at Facebook on his mobile phone
 Bandura plant known as Nepenthes distillatoria is designed to catch insects because of the sweetness of the nectar of Bandura plant which is found in Sinharaja Forest and Samanala Mountain in Sri Lank
 On the evening of September 22, a 17-year-old boy was arrested by NCCU in Britain.
 Did you know that Apatosaurus, a dinosaur species that lived about 150 million years ago, was able to spin its tail faster than the speed of sound?
6G will bring about a technological revolution.
 Why do clothes dried in the sun smell sweeter than clothes dried indoors?
 An investigation into the death of 14 whales on the coast of Tasmania, Australia..
 A NASA lander captures a meteorite that lands on Mars...
 What you see here is the fruit of a manchineel tree known as the little apple tree of death.
 Apple has named one for PlayStation and Xbox.
moon-shaped tourist resort is planned to be built in Dubai
What if diamonds suddenly fall from the sky?
 Do you know what is the most expensive mission by NASA? Some people may even know.
 Seven amazing animals with transparent bodies...
Said to be the best food in the world(Moringa leaves nest...)
 "What if  lost gravity for a few seconds?" do we die?
 99% of your body is empty space.
Baleen whales emit a series of very high frequency and very low range sounds that are beyond the hearing range of humans.
Our earth is nothing but a mass of solid rocks heated inside and out, creating the same layer of gas that makes up the atmosphere
 6 most haunted places in the world..
 Grapes are the best of all fruits, according to the Charaka Ayurveda written in India.
We have seen hybrid people or hybrid people in many movies, but there are no such people in the real world.
 Some fun things you can get from Google Assistant.
Let's do these things to protect ourselves in household electrical work...?
About aliens and UFOs
When you look at the blue sky, you can see some white dots flying. why is that?
Something you have never heard