The treasure of Lima that we can't dig up

 The undiscovered treasure and its contents

Treasure of Lima

The Spanish defeated the Incas in the 16th century and seized power. After that, the Spanish who ruled Peru for more than 2 centuries left the area in 1820.

It is because of the protests against them. The Spaniards planned to secretly send the great wealth that was hidden there to Mexico before fleeing from the city of Lima in Peru.

 The Mary Deere, commanded by a British captain named William Thompson, was used for that purpose. A group of Spanish priests and soldiers also joined the ship Mary Dear to go to Mexico.

On the way to Mexico, Captain Thompson and his companions became very greedy for wealth. So they killed Spanish soldiers and priests and looted the wealth.

 After that, he went to Cocos Island in Costa Rica and buried the treasure. It was not long before the fate of the Spaniards who went on board the Mary Deere became known.

 On hearing this, the Spanish government sent a warship to pursue the Mary Deere.

The warship captured the Mary Deere and its crew within weeks. After that, all the rest except the captain and his first assistant were hanged.

There the captain and his assistant promised to show where the treasure was buried, so they were freed.

 Captain William Thompson and his companion boarded the Spanish warship and ordered the pilot to steer the ship to Cocos Island where the treasure was buried.

after that spanish warship went to costa rica's cocos island.

At that time, Thompson and his companion managed to escape from the Spanish soldiers.

 A search was made all over the island, but no trace of them could be found.

Many accounts state that Captain Thompson and his companion escaped to Newfoundland in a small ship. There is no evidence that the two of them ever returned to Cocos Island after running away.

 John Keating, who lived in Newfoundland, knew  about the great treasure buried on Cocos Island.

 It was from his friend Captain William Thompson. Keating shrewdly learned from his friend about the event of the treasure.

 Captain Thompson knew a description of the contents of the treasure. It was because the Spaniards informed about the contents of the Mary Deere when they loaded the treasure chests.

What was inside the treasure?

Accordingly, Keating even got to know about the contents of the treasure through his friend. In 1844, Keating went to Cocos Island in Costa Rica to try to find the treasure, but he was unsuccessful.

Keating died suddenly a few years later. Before he died, Lima revealed some of the contents of the treasure. Below are the details of the treasures said to be in the Lima Treasure.

1)A box containing 1244 pieces of gold encrusted with precious stones and gold silk cloth.

2) A box containing 2 gold pots weighing 120 pounds, 624 gems of topaz, emerald, carnelian, 12 diamonds.

3) A box containing 860 rubies, 19 diamonds, 3 cast metal containers weighing 160 lbs.

4) a 7 feet high solid gold statue of Virgin Mary and baby Jesus, 7 gold crosses studded with topaz and emeralds, a huge box containing 1684 jewels in a gold chamber.

5) A box containing 8 Spanish Gold Marks, 124 Swords, 5000 Small Gold Crowns, 64 Daggers, 120 Shoulder Belts, 28 Round Shields.

6) 7 chests filled with gold coins, pearls, gems and other treasures.

After John Keating, the most interested in the Lima treasure was a German named August Giesler.  who became the official governor of Cocos Island in 1897, abused his power and engaged in treasure hunting. But he did not find the treasure. Franklin D. Roosevelt, who served as the American president from 1932-1945, tried to find this treasure in 1910.

Sir Malcolm Campbell, a British national, tried to find this treasure in the 1920s, and famous actor Errol Flynn in the 1940s.Moreover, the American criminal named Bugsy Seagal also made great efforts to find this treasure. But none of them found the treasure.

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