Here are 7 most dangerous jobs in the world with life risks.

As soon as you see the title, you know what it is about. Among the various jobs in the world, we thought to talk about some of the most risky and dangerous jobs.

These are not jobs that are done from one place while sitting on a chair. Jobs that have to be done at the risk of life.

1. Telephone Transmission / Electric Tower Technicians

It is really a great feat to climb the poles with high voltage and many feet high. In America, 20-30 people who do this kind of job die a year.

Imagine the danger of this. The current tallest transmission tower is in Tokyo, Japan. It is about 630 meters. Because of the risk in these jobs, they pay a high salary.

2. Snake Milker

The work of people who extract venom from dangerous snakes is also very difficult. Their job is to collect venom from highly poisonous snakes and give it to research or other activities on a daily basis.

This is one of the most dangerous jobs in America. But there are people who come forward for this, who are willing to take risks and do it with passion.

Part of their duty is to properly store these obtained poisons, maintain laboratories, and help make antidotes to the world. They are at the Reptile Research Center in Florida, USA.

This obtained poison is used as an antidote to save people from dying from snake bites.

Also, this job is quite risky because even snakes that cannot produce anti-venom are tested at great risk.

But those who do this job get the venom of about 100 snakes a day.

3. Miners

Their job is also very dangerous. Because mines are something that digs kilometers into the ground.

Digging is done to get things like graphite and diamonds on a large scale in various countries.

Even though many safety devices are adopted, we often hear about toxic gas ingestion, landslides, and natural gas explosions.

There have been such explosions in Turkey and China. In 1906, a mine explosion in France killed more than 1,500 workers.

4. Underwater welders

To repair large ship bottoms and repair large pipes Must go under the sea. 

Also, when going to do electric welding, there is a possibility that the oxygen tank may catch fire and explode due to electric leakage.

It is a very risky job because it is under deep water. Also, the work these welders do under underwater pressure cannot be done without proper training.

5. Wind farm technicians

What happens in these is that the blades of the tower rotate according to the speed of the wind and generate electricity by turning the turbines.

Maintenance or repair of automatic wind turbines is not as easy as it seems. All these things are greatly affected by the speed and influence of the wind. Therefore, you have to take care of them and do a job.

If there is a wind while repairing the wings, it will create a terrible situation.

Even if the cables are laid safely, there is a high chance of an accident.

6. Bull Riders

This is a world famous game. Especially in America and Australia, this bull rider has a big salary.

But it is hard work to do. Fighting with bull is a difficult task. The ribs can be damaged and even killed by the horn.

Staying until the end of this race is really hard work. Those who watch this game know that this rider falls to the ground in a few seconds when he comes to the field.

When the bull moves so fast The unimaginable things can happen.

7. Painters and glass cleaners in large buildings

Even in the world's largest multi-story buildings, cable workers and glass cleaners regularly climb up and perform their duties at great risk to their lives.

Even if the cable is laid, if there is a small miss, a big accident will happen. But they are paid a huge salary. These jobs are life-threatening.

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