7 ghost islands that mysteriously disappeared from the world

 7 ghost islands that mysteriously disappeared from the world....

 We are going to talk about some strange islands. These islands are called Phantom Islands. These islands were believed to exist in the world for a long time and were recorded on world maps. But by now these islands have been removed from the earth and some maps. You will understand why when you read this article...

1. – Thule

In the distant past, Tuli Island was considered as an island located at the highest point of the world. Reports about Tully Island. It dates back to the 4th century BC. The first mention of this wonderful island is in the expedition reports of Pythias, a Greek explorer. Pythias had also noted that in this cold island, where an undeveloped group of people live, who earn their living from farming, there is no night during the summer season. It is said that in the world maps created by Ptolemy in 100 AD, this island of Tully was drawn above Britain. However, no information about this island is known till today and some believe that Thuli Island is an imaginary island created by Pythias. Others believe that Pythias mistook the island of Tully for Norway or Iceland.

2.- Isle of Demons

The Isle of Demons is an island that was recorded on world maps around the 16th century AD. As the name suggests, this island is said to be inhabited by a group of inhuman beasts. Talks about this island begin to come to the fore after a terrible experience that a French woman named Marguerite de la Roque had on this island. During a sea voyage, she and her lover and maid have landed on this island. The lover and the maid are killed by the demons on the island and she is also harassed by them. However, Marguerite managed to escape back to her mother country because a group of fishermen found her.

Many works have been written based on this story of Marguerite. However, the island of devils mentioned by her has not been found yet. Is this Marguerite's favorite? Or is it true? Or whether she was tricked by a group of tribes living on an island as demons, is still a mystery.

3. – Tuanaki

Several Polynesian and European explorers had reported about Tuanaki Island in the 1840s. Some people who landed on this island had said that this island is inhabited by a very friendly group of natives. Through this information, European sailors and explorers had a great desire to find this new island. Although many people were engaged in exploration until the 20th century after finding this island called Yaya, which is located near Cook Island, no one was able to find Tuanaki Island. Because of this, some believe that this island may have sunk into the ocean floor due to a volcanic eruption.

4. – Bermeja

Barmeha Island, which is said to be located near the Gulf of Mexico, is an island recorded in world maps from the 15th to the 20th century AD. In the past notes written about this island, it was noted that this island appears red in the distance. It was around 2008 that this island, which had not received much attention, suddenly began to be attributed a great value. By asserting the right of this island, the Mexicans are trying to expand their limits to drill oil fields in the surrounding sea. But unfortunately they don't find this island. Some say that the island may have sunk due to rising sea levels, or that the island may have disappeared due to a cartographer's error. Others postulate that the Americans may have bombed and destroyed Bermeja Island to prevent the Mexicans from taking possession of it.

5.  – Sandy Island

Sandy Island is an island marked close to Australia and New Caledonia on the world map. The first mention of this island was the British explorer James Cook who visited this area in the 1770s. Then again in the 1870s, a group of people on a whaling ship named Velocity reported seeing this island. For more than a century, this island has been included in various maps saying that this island is a real island. Not only that, this Sandy Island has also been marked on Google Maps.

In the year 2000, a set of ham radio freaks who were sailing near this island realized that there is no such island according to the map. Although they announced this through a message, the Australians are conducting a formal investigation on Sandy Island only after 12 years. Through the tests, they conclude that there really is no such island there. They believe that those who traveled near this area were deceived into thinking that it was an island by a collection of rocks collected from volcanic eruptions.

6.  – Antillia

Antelia means BC. An island that was recorded in 15th century maps. This island was noted between Asia and Europe in the Atlantic Ocean. In that way, before this island was recorded on the maps, very interesting legends had been spread about this island. According to those stories, the purest Christianity has been safely left on this island. Iberian in the seven hundred AD while sailing along the Atlantic Ocean. It is said that they established cities on this beautiful island and practiced Christianity.

However, this island is still considered as an undiscovered island. The fate of this island, which is recorded even in the reports of Columbus, is still a mystery today.

7.  – Hy-Brasil

High Brazil Island is a mysterious island that has been recorded on world maps since the 14th century. There are many Celtic legends about this island which is said to be located close to Ireland. According to some stories, this island is constantly covered with fog. This island has been visible to the naked eye for about 7 years. However, in the distant past, there have been many reports about people who accidentally came across this island and landed on this island. The island of High Brazil has been included in world maps until the 1800s. However, until now, no strong evidence has been found to accept that High Brazil Island really exists.

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