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Located in the southern part of Sri Lanka, the city of Matara is known as a proud city with a beach that attracts the attention of people from all over the world. The main reason for this can be said to be the upcoming beatch. Tourists visit this place no less and it has been reduced a bit due to the current COVID-19 menace.

I was getting ready to go on my first trip to Matara and it was attended by all the family and we went there in 2018. As for my area, I am right in the middle of Sri Lanka. I would not be wrong to say that the city where I live is surrounded by mountains and has a glorious history with a healthy climate and a local and foreign attraction.

I was in the city of Kandy in the central province and was preparing almost everything for the trip to Matara in the southern province. We had been happily preparing for the day before leaving for Matara, hoping to stay at a resort for about two days. My first trip to Matara marks the end of 2018. At that time, no fewer tourists began to migrate to Sri Lanka because it's is full of valuable natural resources surrounded by the sea.

However, the day of our trip to Matara had arrived at around 5 am and almost all the family members were getting ready for this trip. We started our journey in a jeep. We drove 94 km from Kandy on the A1 road for 2 and a half hours and entered the Kadawatha highway. From there we were able to complete the journey of 168 km but we all felt very tired so we went to the service area along the way and had breakfast and got into a little chat. It was like we were going straight to the beach or going to our lodge.

However, when it comes to Matara, it is a place with a very hot climate. The discomfort of moving from a cold city to a hot area is very strong. Or my first trip to Matara could be pointed out as a conclusion to my predicament. However, after a cold drink and something to eat, we set off again to see the end of the journey.


The melancholy of the past was gone and we were able to experience fresh healing for the body as well as the mind as we paused and relaxed. The murmur of peacocks on the highway was as unpleasant as locking our ears, but we could not hear the sound of peacocks in the Kandy area, so we deliberately enjoyed the sound.

After a short distance, our vehicle slammed into the vehicle with an explosion. At that moment, everyone except the driver fell asleep. Everyone, including me, was startled by the sound. Unlike a normal road, the minimum speed limit for a vehicle on a highway is 100km / h. A tire burst in a vehicle traveling at such a speed can be described as a dangerous event that can cause a fatal accident.

At the time of writing, I still have some fears about the incident as I have experienced it. However, the driver managed to control the vehicle and was able to park safely on the side. The vehicle is parked on the side. They arrived shortly after calling the emergency services. After a few moments, the tire was changed and the journey started again and the journey came to a close.

Coming out of Matara on the highway we first went to the Matara Temple. The place was sacred enough to quench the thirst for a long time. Then we went to the lounge we had ordered the day before. I washed my body and came downstairs to get some food. My diet was full of seafood and consisted of prawns, crabs, squid, lobster, and fish. Seeing that, my hunger increased even more.

Without saying anything about my hunger I quickly went to my dining table and started eating. I ate other seafood with a bunch of bags and I felt dizzy. anyway, we finished our meal at about 3 p.m.We stayed in our lounge for a while, left the lodge around 4pm, and arrived at polhena beach.

I have never seen such a wonderful sight before. The 'polhena' beach, which has a beautiful beach, was a sight to behold. Not to be outdone by locals and foreigners, this place is a beautiful place surrounded by a beautiful environment that enhances the allure of Sri Lanka. Young and old alike are having fun, while others are playing volleyball.

I could not wait to wait a moment in this place which had shown a very fun nature. I immediately stripped naked and ran to the sea and began to bathe like crazy. I may have thought such a thing because I went to Matara and bathed in the sea for the first time.

'polhena' beach

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